16 ounce durable, leak proof transportation gel pack

16 ounce durable, leak proof transportation gel pack

Keep perishables at a uniform cold temperature with these 16 ounce, durable, leak-proof transportation gel packs. No branding or other printing makes them ready to for any cold shipping application.

Ideal Applications:

  • life sciences
  • meal kits
  • frozen meat, poultry and seafood
  • pharmaceuticals
  • blood and lab samples
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These cost-effective gel packs are sealed in a heavy-duty pouch that can be easily cleaned for reuse and contains a non-toxic gel that cools more uniformly and colder than ice. They feature a long-lasting, non-toxic polymer encased in a thick, puncture resistant PE/PA film with no branding or other printed details.

Can be used ambient, refrigerated, or frozen. Great for use in any of our insulated shipper solutions.

For the best results when contents shipped refrigerated and/or frozen, ice packs should be placed in a freezer for at least 48 hours prior to packing and shipping. Contact us for questions regarding sweating or conditioning gel packs for your temperature stability needs.


Durable Gel Pack


Plain white, no branding


16 oz

Weight/Unit (lbs)


Bag Size

6'' x 7''

Units per Case


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Additional Information

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