4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Corrugated Boxes to Ship Your Food

Selecting the right packaging is a crucial part of shipping temperature-sensitive items. Most packaging teams think about three parts of the packaging: The corrugated outer box, the cooler, and the refrigerants. Each of these things costs you money and affects the amount of waste in the environment. While companies like ours always focus on making packaging environmentally friendly, most don’t realize that you don’t always need the outer box to protect the shipment from damage.

Cold chain management is important for transporting temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, biologics, and food items. Temperature maintenance during shipping is essential to ensure the safety and efficacy of the product.

For example, If nuts are exposed to hot weather during shipping, they can be affected in
several ways:

  • Quality Degradation: High temperatures can cause nuts to deteriorate in quality, becoming rancid, discolored, or moldy. This can affect the product’s taste, texture, and overall quality, making them unsuitable for consumption.
  • Shelf Life Reduction: Nuts have a relatively short shelf life, and exposure to high temperatures can shorten it even further. This can result in the product being disposed of before it can be sold, leading to losses for the company.
  • Oil Leakage: Some nuts contain a high amount of oil, which can cause them to leak during shipping if exposed to high temperatures. This can result in the product becoming contaminated and unsalable, causing significant losses for the company.
  • Packaging Damage: High temperatures can cause packaging to become weakened, which can lead to tears and punctures, allowing air and moisture into the package. This can cause further deterioration of the nuts and affect their quality and shelf life.
Unfortunately, many companies still need to rely on corrugated boxes as the sole method of shipping their temperature-sensitive products, which can put the product at risk and lead to spoilage. This article will discuss why you should use corrugated boxes and EPS coolers together or toss the
box altogether.

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Here are three reasons why switching to specialized temperature-controlled packaging is essential for customer satisfaction and safety.

  1. Insufficient Insulation
    Corrugated boxes are designed for general packaging and do not provide the necessary insulation to maintain temperature-sensitive products within the required temperature range. This can lead to temperature excursions and potential spoilage, causing significant losses for the company and affecting the safety and efficacy of the product. The lack of insulation in corrugated boxes makes them unreliable for cold chain management.
  2. Lack of Durability
    Cardboard is also not designed for rugged transport and can be easily damaged in transit, compromising the integrity of the cold chain and putting the product at risk. In addition, the flimsy construction of corrugated boxes makes them susceptible to puncture, which can result in the release of temperature-controlled refrigerants, causing temperature excursions and spoilage. The lack of durability in corrugated boxes makes them unsuitable for transporting temperature-sensitive products.
  3. Limited Reusability
    Corrugate is designed for single use because they need to be cleaned or sanitized for reuse. In addition, using single-use corrugated boxes for cold chain management can contribute to environmental waste and harm the planet. The limited reusability of corrugated boxes makes them an unsustainable option for cold chain management.
  4. Poor Protection Against Temperature Fluctuations

    Lastly, corrugated boxes do not provide adequate protection against temperature fluctuations, which can cause temperature excursions and spoilage. EPS, the material used to make coolers, is designed as an insulator. It keeps temperatures stable and is durable enough that it won’t be easily damaged on a typical trip. Without this insulator, temperature fluctuations will occur, which can result in significant losses for the company and affect the safety and efficacy of the product. The poor protection against temperature fluctuations in corrugated boxes makes them unreliable for cold chain management.

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