Support for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability Initiatives

The future of our planet starts with sustainable packaging solutions.

Sustainable packaging involves the increased use of life cycle assessment and life cycle inventory to help guide the utilization of packaging to decrease its environmental footprint and ecological impact.

At TempAid, we take a holistic view of the cold chain by performing a complete analysis of your package design, choice of materials, processing, and life-cycle to determine the best eco-cost to value ratio while meeting the functional and economic needs of your packaging. Analysis includes:

As the most prevalent insulating material on the market, EPS containers (Expanded Polystyrene), in combination with a refrigerant and outer corrugate shell make up the majority of the TempAid packaging line. EPS can be recycled into a variety of new products and is being recycled by businesses and consumers around the world. Using the existing infrastructure of multiple countries, states, provinces, and cities, we support those global recycling efforts and can help you dispose of your EPS coolers with EPS recycling plants. Our refrigerants and corrugate can also be disposed of via standard means.

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In addition, our ongoing pledge is to develop packaging products and solutions that reduce carbon footprint and preserve the planet’s resources.

We hope to accomplish this by using innovative package technologies including drain friendly, recyclable, and compostable materials as well as through optimization of logistics and distribution processes.

Contact us for support in the disposal or recycling of your packaging.