Validated, Cost-Effective Temperature-Controlled Packaging Solutions From TempAid

If a pharmaceutical company is to ensure its product meets all requirements and guidelines, it must maintain close temperature control using Temperature-Controlled Packaging Solutions. This means not only monitoring the ambient air but also ensuring there’s no fluctuation in temperatures along the cold chain which could affect how long it takes for chemicals like vaccines or pills to be effective against infection when stored incorrectly.

To remain competitive in this rapidly changing field, companies must ensure they have the best technology available to them in terms of storage and packaging solutions for their products as well as stringent standards on temperature control so that medicines remain safe until delivered out onto patients’ shelves at pharmacy counters or hospitals around world!

ISTA-certified Thermal Lab

TempAid is an ISTA-certified thermal laboratory and packaging manufacturer staffed by experts in maintaining a consistent temperature for shipping or storage.

Our innovative and powerful cold-chain shipping solutions include but are not limited to: 

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can carry your payload to its destination safely over long distances.

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Expert Cold Chain Packaging Services

In addition to our innovative cold packaging product lines, we also offer a range of cold chain services that can help you significantly cut down on packaging costs and avoid losses. TempAid Labs is an ISTA-certified thermal testing lab  and has an in-house team of technicians and engineers who design rigorous test programs to ensure the safety of our customers’ products.

Ambient Temperature Profile Analysis

Make informed decisions for product integrity and regulatory compliance by characterizing potential temperature extremes to reduce the possibility of temperature excursions and maintaining product quality. TempAid can guide your team through temperature profile selection, analysis, comparison, and development to help.

  • Prevent product loss resulting in customer dissatisfaction or disruption in patient therapy
  • Provide evidence that the temperature profile is representative of your distribution channels
  • Reduce packaging errors and decrease the cost of packaging materials and distribution
  • Decrease unnecessary fulfillment costs

Cold Chain Best Practice GAP Analysis

As experts in cold chain best practices, our team will assess your packaging processes, materials, and configurations and evaluate packaging practices against established industry standards and regulatory requirements to identify gaps or areas for improvement. Benefits include improved packaging performance, enhanced product protection, reduced risk of temperature excursions, compliance with packaging regulations, increased shelf life, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Our team will ensure packaging systems maintain the desired temperature range and protect product quality and stability throughout the distribution process.

Shipping Lane Mapping

Identify optimal routes, modes of transportation, and handling procedures to ensure products are transported within the desired temperature range. Benefits include improved visibility into shipping logistics, identification of potential temperature excursions, proactive risk mitigation, reduced product spoilage, enhanced product quality and safety, and regulatory compliance. The TempAid lab team can help ensure the integrity and stability of your temperature-sensitive products throughout the entire supply chain, minimizing the risk of product degradation and loss.

Thermal Modeling

The team at TempAid Labs can utilize the latest in computer simulations to optimize the thermal performance of packaging systems for temperature-sensitive products. The goal would be to predict the performance of a package design without the need for physical samples and laboratory study. This allows for rapid evaluation of the effect of different design parameters on the package such as temperature profiles, material types, and component locations. Benefits include enhanced design optimization and cost/time savings compared to physical testing.

Package Validation Testing

Validate your ISTA certified packaging systems through temperature mapping, thermal performance, drop, vibration, and other relevant tests, to ensure that the packaging system effectively maintains the desired temperature range and protects product quality during transportation and storage. Benefits include verifying packaging system reliability, compliance with regulatory requirements, and product quality standards. It helps identify potential weaknesses or risks, ensuring product integrity, stability, and customer satisfaction while minimizing the risk of product spoilage or loss in the cold chain distribution process.

R Value Testing

Assess the packaging system’s ability to resist heat transfer during transportation and storage by subjecting it to controlled temperature gradients, measuring temperature differences, and calculating its thermal resistance (R-Value). The goal is to assess the effectiveness of insulated container in maintaining the desired temperature range for products and is crucial in designing appropriate packaging materials and configurations to ensure product integrity throughout distribution.

Documentation Support for Validation and SOPs

Streamline and enhance your cold chain packaging and distribution systems. Our team of experts is equipped to create comprehensive validation reports and standard operating procedures (SOPs) tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our validation reports ensure all aspects of the cold chain, from transportation to storage, comply with regulatory requirements, while our SOPs provide clear instructions for every step of the process. With our meticulous attention to detail and industry expertise, our clients can trust that their cold chain documentation is accurate, compliant, and optimized for efficient distribution, safeguarding the integrity of their products throughout the supply chain.

ISTA Lab Services Testing Deliverables

Upon completing the analysis, you will receive a detailed report of the testing performed, an analysis of the data, recommendations for adjustments, opportunities for cost savings, or streamlining your pack-out process.

As an ISTA Certified Thermal Testing Lab, we can create the best packaging solution for your needs using the data sets.

An investment in testing for the most suitable temperature-controlled packaging solutions can greatly increase the safety of products and provide a competitive advantage. Contact TempAid labs to go to market faster, reduce the risk of product degradation, and increase safety.