EarthWise EPS Technical Notes

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The cooler you received is infused with a unique additive that helps break down the EPS cooler into an inert humus, CO2 and methane in biologically-active landfills. The resin used in sample items, including the Bio EPS coolers, biodegrade 92%The process is tested to biodegrade 92% over a four year period without leaving behind microplastics typically found in an oxo-biodegradable product*.

Certain conditions are required for the product to degrade over this period. A microbe-rich environment, like those found in most landfills are all that it is needed. The unique resin will not biodegrade under normal shipping and storage conditions and will not change the shelf life and storage requirements.

These biodegradable coolers are designed for food-safe contact and meets FDA 21 CFR standards for food contact.

EPS performance with biodegradable properties

Long the affordable standard for protective and insulative packaging, EPS is known for its low cost, superior insulation, lightweight, leak, and moisture resistance.

  • Tested in TempAid Labs and from third-party laboratories, TempAid Bio EPS provides the superior properties and performance you love about conventional foam but with a new end-of-life alternative.
  • This product has also been tested for thermal and material properties, and proven to be equivalent or even perform slightly better than standard EPS. 
  • The manufacturing process is exactly the same as standard EPS products, using the same equipment, tolerances, and quality specifications.

Important to note

*The resin used in sample items, including the Bio EPS coolers biodegrade 92% over four years. They were tested under conditions simulating both wet and biologically-active landfills using the ASTM D5511 test. The extent of degradation and stated rate do not mean the product will continue to decompose. The data stated above has been provided in good faith and believed to be reliable, it does not constitute a part of our terms and conditions of sale unless specifically incorporated in our Order Acknowledgment.

Material Safety data sheets, lab results and other specifications are available upon request.

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