Prequalified, Recyclable Packaging

Frozen Applications

Environmentally friendly, double-lined Kraft cellulose thermal insulation pre-qualified for shipments that require consistent temperatures during shipping.

Features and Benefits

EarthWise prequalified recyclable packaging for Frozen Applications meets the demand for a high-performance, curbside- recyclable* thermal cooler.

These prequalified Summer & Winter solutions are made with post-industrial, pre-consumer recycled corrugated. Available in 6 sizes with custom sizes available on volume orders

  • Curbside Recyclable*
  • OCC-E Certified Repulpable
  • Clean, post-industrial materials
  • No chemical additives
  • Qualified against ISTA 7E for over 48 hours
  • Patent-pending design
  • Frozen, Refrigerated, & CRT solutions available
  • Summer & Winter qualifications

*May not be recyclable in all areas. This Kraft-lined insulation is patented.

X-Small48" x 8"x 4"52 hrs Refrigerated
48 hrs Frozen
72 hrs CRT
Small108.25" x 8.25" x 9.25"65 hrs Refrigerated
48 hrs Frozen
72 hrs CRT
Medium159.375" x 9.375" x 10.5"58 hrs Refrigerated
51 hrs Frozen
72 hrs CRT
Large2411.375" x 11.375" x 11.5"60 hrs Refrigerated
58 hrs Frozen
72 hrs CRT
X-Large5116" x 13.375" x 14.5"72 hrs Refrigerated
72 hrs Frozen
72 hrs CRT
XX-Large8720.375" x 16.375" x 16"52 hrs Refrigerated
66 hrs Frozen
72 hrs CRT