New PCM Mats provide a flexible phase change material for tight pack outs

PCM mats are ideal for shipping temperature-sensitive products where a uniform temperature is needed, and space may be an issue

The PCM Mat comes in three temperature melt points: +5°C, +18°C, and +23°C. Custom options are available. Green blue and clear options are shown.
.Current PCM Mats come in three temperature melt points: +5°C, +18°C, and +23°C. Custom options are available.

Phase change materials come in many shapes and sizes. Typical PCMs come in a rigid bottle format, which is great if you need a durable alternative to standard, flexible gel packs or a rigid shell that protects against heavier shipments that may shift during transit. There are many times when you need highly efficient refrigerants with specific temperature requirements that can mold around products.

Thus, we have created a new product called a PCM Mat. These solutions use non-water-based phase change material (PCM) that freezes and melts at or near the required temperatures of the product it protects. Our ISTA-certified thermal lab has certified that it is as efficient as our hard bottle PCMs but saves weight, money, and space.

It’s reusable, non-toxic, biodegradable, and can continually be reconditioned, making cost per use and disposal ideal for both single-use and closed-loop distribution systems.

The PCM Mat can be molded around objects to eliminate thermal “dead zones,” offers even weight distribution that will not shift during shipping, and is used as a buffer between the cooler and internal payload box.

Current temperature melt points include +5°C, +18°C, and +23°C. Custom options are available upon request, including custom sizes, branding, and temperature melt points. The product is shipping in volume today.

For more information, to download a data sheet, or to order a sample, visit the PCM Matt product page here.