Introducing New Cost-Effective TempSteady PCM Packs: Say No to Thermal Dead Zones

pcm packs from TempAidWe are proud to present our latest innovation, our cost-effective TempSteady PCM Packs. Designed to meet the stringent temperature requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, these products offer a unique and efficient approach to maintaining exact temperature hold times during shipping.

These new products are made from a non-toxic and biodegradable phase change material (PCM) that transitions from solid to liquid within specific temperature ranges. The PCM material is then housed in a plastic material that is pliable before freezing and costs significantly less than hard-bottle alternatives. This results in highly effective thermal packaging that saves weight, costs, and space.

In addition to cost, what sets these PCM Packs apart is their customization and adaptability. Unlike traditional hard bottle PCMs, these reusable pouches and be sized to any customer application to eliminate thermal “dead zones”. The flexible nature of the packs allows for shaping before freezing, enabling secure and efficient pack-outs. Customers can ship parcels, refrigerated, control-room temperature, or frozen products, even under extreme ambient conditions. With precise temperature melt points, these packs ensure accurate temperature regulation throughout the shipping process.

In addition to their functionality, TempSteady PCM Packs offer practical cost advantages. They can be reconditioned and reused, providing long-term cost savings.

These same products were recently used in a detailed case study showing that when using the PCM18 configurations in a CRT environment, shipping containers weigh an average of 70% less than gel pack configurations. At the same time, the study demonstrated the ability to increase the available payload volume by 90.5% while improving performance durations by an average of 24%.

With a range of sizes and four temperature melt points (-21°C, +5°C, +18°C, and +23°C) available, TempAid’s PCM Packs have undergone extensive testing in our ISTA Certified Thermal Lab. You can trust that your products will remain at their optimal temperature for extended durations, ensuring quality and integrity.

The solution, including custom sizes, temperatures, and branding options, can be tailored to customer needs. Visit the product page for additional specifications or to download data sheets.

Contact us today to learn more about our PCM Packs and how we can enhance your shipping capabilities.