Introducing EarthWise Recyclable Packaging – Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Reducing Packaging Waste, The Revolutionary Solution Provides Fully Qualified Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Earthwise recyclable cold chain packagingTempAid’s commitment to sustainability has never been stronger. In 2022, we announced our EarthWise Drain-Safe Gel Packs, followed by EarthWise EPS Biodegradable Coolers. Today, we proudly announce the addition of a new innovation to our EarthWise product line, EarthWise Recyclable Insulation and Qualified Solutions.

Temperature-sensitive shipments such as pharmaceuticals, meal kits, and other perishables require consistent temperatures from manufacturer to end user. Traditional EPS-based solutions require access to landfills and recycling facilities that accept EPS. This new innovation is based on a patent-pending solution that is both effective and curbside recyclable.*

At its heart is proprietary cellulose insulation, leveraging post-industrial Double-Lined Kraft (DLK). The kraft laminate covering the top and bottom is crafted from recycled content, completing a fully curbside recyclable packaging solution. The product is OCC-E certified for repulpability and uses clean, post-industrial materials with no chemical additives.

Key Features of the EarthWise Insulation

In addition to ease of disposal, the EarthWise Insulation enables several benefits to the meal kit provider or pharma manufacturer:

  • Ease of Use: The two-piece recyclable insulation design ensures swift assembly, boosting productivity for your operations.
  • Optimized Packaging: It ships and stores flat, maximizing space efficiency on trucks and warehouses.
  • Variety: Choose from six stock sizes or opt for custom-made solutions tailored to fit any size requirement, providing unparalleled adaptability.
  • Enhance your Brand: Boost your brand visibility through direct printing. This imparts a personalized touch and functions as an additional value offering.
  • Certified Safe: Certified for direct food contact, EarthWise guarantees your products’ safety and reputation.

Qualified for Over 48 Hours

Earthwise recyclable insulation for cold chain packagingWhen used in conjunction with EarthWise Drain Friendly Gel Packs, the total solution can be qualified to meet the exact temperature requirements of the customer while allowing the entire solution to be reused or disposed of without landfill considerations. Every component can be recycled or disposed easily, minimizing the pain of disposing of packaging after use. 

The benefit of working with our team is access to an ISTA-certified testing lab. This also means we can deliver solutions qualified against ISTA 7E for over 48 hours, making it a reliable choice for various shipping scenarios. It offers versatile solutions for frozen, refrigerated, and CRT shipments.

“Our enthusiasm lies in the ongoing dedication to sustainable cold-chain packaging. Introducing our new recyclable packaging solution marks a transformative, cost-effective shift for meal kit providers seeking consumer-friendly options and pharmaceutical companies shipping temperature-controlled drugs without a return and reuse program” stated Ryan Sanders, President of TempAid.

At TempAid, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond a mere pledge; but a strategic imperative that underscores our steadfast dedication to shaping a more sustainable and streamlined future for shipping practices across diverse industries.

Join us in redefining the future of cold chain logistics! Contact our team.