Congratulations Chantal Walker, Our Newest ISTA Certified Thermal Professional


We are proud to announce that TempAid Packaging Engineer Chantal Walker has completed her ISTA training and exam as both a Level 1 and Level 2 ISTA Certified Thermal Professional (CTP). This program encourages and recognizes development and excellence in insulated shipping containers and thermal packaging laboratory testing.

This achievement demonstrates Chantal’s and TempAid Labs’ credibility and commitment towards ISTA Standard 20 certified laboratory operations, including ISTA 7E profile testing. Standard 20, Test Standard 7E, and the accompanying Thermal Lane Data Package comprise the first global method for standardizing the establishment of insulated shipping container performance.

The International Safe Transit Association is a leading industry standards organization that provides standardized testing methods to members and provides lab certifications for both physical and thermal testing of packaged products. Their test procedures are trusted worldwide and define how packages should perform to protect their contents.

ISTA Standard 20 is a design and qualification process standard developed by pharmaceutical industry experts that comprise methodologies to design, test, verify and independently certify a thermal package for use. ISTA Standard 7E includes heat and cold profiles developed from data gathered in real-world transport.

Through the ISTA CTP II certification, Chantal and TempAid Labs have a thorough working comprehension of all of the documents contained in Standard 20 and can manage a lab performing tests specified by Standard 20. CTP II personnel understand the entire process from design to final certification of a thermal packaging system. They are capable of creating compliant, accurate, and properly attested documentation packages.

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