Economy Gel Packs

Uniform cold for cost-conscious shippers

Our economy gel packs are designed to be some of the lowest cost on the market. Created in our ISTA Certified testing labs, these products are made for high-volume, low-cost shipping needs and are ideal for meal kits, frozen foods, and more.

tempaid lowcost gel packs 1

These cost-effective gel packs feature a long-lasting, non-toxic polymer that cools uniformly and is colder than ice. It is also drain-safe and can be disposed of in the toilet. It is encased in our standard PE recyclable film and tested for maximum effectiveness.

TempAid gel packs are an economical alternative to wet ice commonly used in conjunction with insulated shippers for transporting meal kits, laboratory specimens, and meats.


TempAid ice gel packs are readily available in different sizes, or you can contact us for customized solutions based on your specific requirements or applications.

  • Flexible and can be molded before freezing
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for air freight
  • Ready to freeze
  • Recyclable film
  • No printing on the outside, but it can be custom branded
  • Drain-friendly (can be emptied into toilets or diluted in sink drains)
4 675x475 2
Part numberVolumeBag DimensionsUnits per CaseCases Per Pallet
PE87146066 Oz4'' x 6''4880
PE871671616 Oz6'' x 7''3650
PE871692323 Oz6''x 9''2450
PE871692424 Oz6''x 9''2450
PE8716103030 Oz6'' x 10.5''1280
PE8716103232 Oz6'' x 10.5''1280
PE8719134848 Oz9'' x 13.5''1248
PE8719146464 Oz9'' X 14.25''1048