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Typical supply chains are already complicated. Several variables are needed to control and manage a successful outcome. However, when temperature controls are also required, there is a need to consider an additional set of variables that can dramatically affect the associated cost and risk.

Your partner in cost-effective, temperature-controlled packaging

We partner with pharmaceutical, food, and life sciences manufacturers and distributors to develop tested, qualified temperature assurance packaging that meets the most stringent requirements. TempAid Packaging Solutions are designed to reduce your risk and lower your costs.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging

Protect patient safety and the efficacy of patient therapies with qualified solutions and components from TempAid. The complete line of products includes both cost-optimized, single-use, and reusable temperature-controlled solutions from finishing products to clinical trials or drug samples.

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Biologics & Laboratory Solutions

It has become increasingly important for companies to optimize their temperature-controlled supply chains for biological drugs. Mishandling these high-value products can potentially lead to a severe impact on your bottom line. TempAid solutions are tested and qualified to ensure your biologics' safe handling to maintain stable temperatures over a sustained period. Trust your blood and platelets, human tissue, vaccines, cells, DNA, and pathogens to TempAid.

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Meal Kits & Food Packaging

As a leading supplier of gel packs and other components to the food processing and meal-kit industry, TempAid solutions are designed to provide the optimal balance of weight, cost, and quality to meet your demand. Whether shipping food across the city – or the country – TempAid has the solution for you.

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Food Manufacturing Solutions

Shipping and storing at proper temperatures are a vital part of food safety. Whether shipping perishable, frozen, or refrigerated, TempAid solutions help prevent spoilage and maintain product integrity. Our temperature-controlled shipping solutions are designed and tested to protect susceptible foods for extended periods.

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Specialty Pharma Packaging

In direct-to-patient or direct-from-patient shipping, not offering convenience and safety in clinical trials comes with consequences. Don't let your patient-collected biological samples or drugs administered out of your control. Get strict temperature controls with tested solutions.

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Animal Health

While the human health community pays considerable attention to temperature-management issues, animals require the same care. Trust the leader in affordable last-mile shipping solutions tested for product integrity and safety.