Join Us in Boston at Logipharma

Each year, industry thought leaders, and healthcare veterans from across North America converge to collectively shape the trajectory of pharmaceutical logistics and supply chain management to elevate the patient journey. As the developers of new packaging technologies and services for pharmaceutical companies worldwide, we invite you to join us at this year’s Logipharma annual conference in Boston.

Date: October 4-6, 2023

Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA

Location: Booth #509

Event Website: Click here

Stop by TempAid booth #509 at the event and discover the future of temperature-controlled packaging with our new SteadyPac Long Duration Cube or the SpeedyPac PCM Mailer. These breakthrough technologies are designed to ensure optimal temperature stability while streamlining efficiency.

  • With its integrated Phase Change Material (PCM) technology, the SpeedyPac Mailer maintains controlled temperatures throughout the shipping journey, safeguarding the integrity of sensitive medications without any additional product assembly or storing separate components, such as refrigerants or EPS coolers. The unit is delivered prebuilt and is 1/12 the size of standard configurations. Minimal storage, no assembly, and total protection.
  • The SteadyPac Long-Duration Cube is our line of pre-qualified, reusable, temperature-controlled shippers designed to provide up to 108 hours of continuous temperature stability, eliminate excursions and safeguard sensitive goods. It is easy to assemble and features proprietary interlocking PCMs that provide precise temperature control. It also includes a unique sealed tub that enhances reusability and durability while providing a spill-proof barrier.

Send us a note using the form on the right to request an appointment. See you at booth #509!