Rapid Announces New Antimicrobial Gel Packs for Transportation

Antimicrobial Gel Packs for Transportation

New solution provides continuous protection against bacterial contamination, odors, and stains

TempAid, a leading global manufacturer of hot and cold solutions for the healthcare, transport and food markets, today announced a new gel pack solution integrating a broad spectrum, poly layer antimicrobial finish to gel packs to reduce contamination risk by minimizing the presence of bacteria, mold, and fungi. By using this specialized type of coolant packaging, cross-contamination caused by handling can be minimized, even in the case of high-touch distribution chains.

Although protocols for GMP best practices may already be in place, there are many steps along the supply chain where contamination can occur. In fact, bacteria are among the fastest reproducing organisms in the world, doubling every 4 to 20 minutes. Warm, moist environments may cause coolers and gel packs to get wet and dirty, providing favorable conditions for odor causing bacteria.

Rapid Aid has developed a class of antimicrobial packs which have been added to their products at a molecular level allowing a new generation of products to have some or all of the above antimicrobial properties but on a semi-permanent basis.

By adding a broad spectrum, poly layer antimicrobial finish to antimicrobial hot and cold solutions, companies can provide healthcare, pharmaceutical, and transport companies gel packs that support

  • Cleaner, fresher, and more durable packaging solutions
  • Long-lasting stain and odor control
  • Reduce the risk of illness caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Are less likely to aid in the transfer of harmful microbes to another surfaces
  • A broad spectrum of bacterial, fungal, and viral resistance

The heavy-duty plastic pouch is durable and able to withstand up to 300(PSI) lbs./sq. inch of pressure, making it ready to stand up to most the most stringent of shipping environments. The application of the antimicrobial treatment is part of the molecular structure of the bag itself and will not wash off, rub off on the container, or cause a reaction with eps / Styrofoam packaging. (as opposed to a spray-on disinfectant).

Made of a USDA grade and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) non-toxic gel, the solution contains a viscous gel refrigerant that delivers consistent, long-lasting cold temperatures keeping your products at a constant, desirable temperature.

“Today’s concern about surface bacteria and the concern for cleaner environments regarding food and pharmaceuticals, we felt cold packs should not be one of the risks,” said xxxx, with Rapid Aid. “Our gel packs are designed to address that risk and prevent bacteria from forming and being transferred from person to product, or product to person.”

TempAid Antimicrobial solutions are available now and come in several sizes from 4 to 32 ounces, with custom sizes and white label applications available. If you would like to learn more about Rapid Aid and their antimicrobial solutions, Visit here for more details.

About TempAid

TempAid™, a division of Rapid Aid, Inc, manufactures a complete line of cold chain solutions designed to keep temperature stability for food, pharmaceutical, and laboratory sectors. As part of the Rapid Aid brand, the company has been delivering hot and cold solutions to the market for over 30 years. TempAid™ has the capacity and manufacturing capability of delivering up to 8 million units per year. For more information on the TempAid™ line of solutions or for a custom quote, please contact us directly at 1-800-COLD–HOT.