Interlocking Hard Bottle PCMs

(Phase Change Material)

Eliminate hot and cold spots with a durable, interlocking PCM for rough environments where consistent temperatures are required

The TempAid Interlocking Hard Bottle PCM is perfect for shipping temperature-sensitive products where there is a risk of hot and cold spots in packaging and where a consistent temperature is required.

The PCM fits precisely in cube-shaped boxes and where rough handling may occur. As a durable alternative to standard, flexible gel packs, the rigid container is engineered to maintain shape and precise temperatures for longer periods and less risk of damage.


  • Product changes phase at the specified temperature to provide optimal thermal protection.
  • The square shape enables up to six PCM panels to line a box to prevent heat or cold from escaping, preventing inconsistent temperature pockets from forming.
  • The rigid plastic container is sealed to prevent leakage and offers excellent resistance to compression and breakage.
  • Does not change shape when thawed or frozen, helping to prevent contents from shifting.
  • The gel is comprised of proprietary biodegradable ingredients and is a safe alternative to ice or dry ice.
  • The product is capable of being cleaned and refrozen or remelted for repeated use
  • Produced at our Class 1 medical device facilities, registered with the FDA in the United States and Health Canada.
  • Tested and validated in the TempAid ISTA Certified Thermal Testing Lab
TempAid PCM Cube with VIP panels and PCMs

TempAid Interlocking PCMs are designed to fit precisely into the TempAid PCM Cubes.

Interlocking Hard Bottle PCM Product Range

Additional sizes are available upon request.

Outer Dimensions (Inches)Erected Size (in Liters)Thickness (Inches)Weight (Ounces)Standard Available PCM Temperatures
7 x 73.7511-21, 0, 5, 18, 23
10 x 1010132
12 x 1216147
14 x 1430172
16 x 1647195
20 x 20971153