PCM Packs

A Cost-Effective Alternative for Achieving Accurate Temperature Control

Key Features

TempAid PCM Packs offer a significant cost advantage over traditional hard bottle PCMs without sacrificing on accuracy.

The product changes from solid to liquid within the temperature range required for the products it protects, resulting in super-efficient thermal packaging that can fill thermal dead zones and sized to fit any application.

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable phase change material (PCM)  
  • Can be easily customized for any sized shipping application
  • Tested in the TempAid ISTA Certified Thermal Lab to keep products at their optimal temperature for extended durations.
  • Delivers precise temperature melt points.
  • Can be reconditioned and reused for added savings.
  • Allows for packaging and freight savings over hard bottle alternatives.
  • Available with custom sizes, temperatures and branding (with minimum order size)
  • Safe for air freight.


  • Facilitates savings in packaging and shipping costs when compared to traditional hard bottle options. The ability to reuse the packaging materials contributes to a more favorable total cost of ownership.
  • Bag contents can easily break down by natural processes. After use, they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, reducing waste accumulation.
  • Usable for parcels or coolers of refrigerated, control-room temperature (CRT), or frozen products (even under extreme ambient conditions).


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Blood and Lab Samples
  • Clinical Trials
  • Biologics
  • Vaccines

All sizes below are available in four temperature melt points -21°C, +5°C, +18°C, and +23°C

Dimensions (inches)Weight (oz)
6.8 x 5.96
7.5 x 5.98
9.9 x 5.916
11.4 x 5.924

*Although the ingredients are considered non-toxic, we do not recommend ingesting them. If a PCM bag leaks, wash off the packaging (or your hands) and dispose of it in your standard garbage. Please consult the product’s MSDS for more information.