Rugged EPP Coolers

TempAid EPP shipping coolers are made from rigid Expanded Polypropylene foam, making them lightweight and built for rugged environments or where the packaging system is to be returned and reused

About TempAid Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Insulated Coolers

While EPS has great insulating properties, it is not necessarily durable enough for closed-loop distribution systems where the shipping system is to be returned and reused.

EPP (and ARCEL) is a lightweight foam with excellent energy absorption characteristics. The material can withstand repeated shocks and deformations, earning high marks for usability.

Foams molded from EPP also retain a high degree of dimensional stability when exposed to temperature extremes.

EPP offers the following features:

  • Reusable hundreds of times but cost-effective enough for single-use applications
  • Bounces back from dents and dings
  • Can be shredded and remolded or recycled after use or can be disposed of as a Class 7 curbside material
  • The dark color makes hides stains, dirt, and grime to keep it looking attractive after repeated reuse
  • Fits snugly around EPS coolers to provide extra protection and insulation properties
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Available in two sizes with custom options and qualified solutions available

TempAid EPP coolers are available in two sizes and can be purchased separately or paired with EarthWise biodegradable EPS coolers or Rugged EPS ARCEL coolers as an added protective shell). Custom sizes and configurations are also available.

EPP coolers are also part of our qualified line of rugged solutions, which include the EPS and EPP coolers, refrigerants, corrugated boxes, pack-out instructions, and qualification/validation data.

Model/Part NumberVolumeWeight/Unit (lbs)Outer Dim Inner Dim
RA1377025EPP25.671.6515.6" x 13.85" x 11.88"13.58" x 11.83" x 9.75"
RA1377100EPP55.812.3720.22" x 15.60" x 16.35"18.2" x 13.54" x 13.82"