Get ready to slash your packaging costs

Get a sample of the only solution on the market to change the way temperature-sensitive products are shipped and stored. Last mile delivery at a fraction of the cost.

Temperature stability for last-mile pharmaceutical delivery without needing a cooler and separate gel packs.

Weighs 50% Less + 92% Smaller

No cooler, no corrugated box, no external PCMs or gel packs. Just one highly integrated solution.

39% Lower Costs

Lighter, smaller, fewer components, and optimized for specialty pharmacy products, results in a savings you can count on.

ISTA Lab Certified

Prequalified to USP659 and 0069 standards for maximum temperature stability with the smallest, lightest possible footprint.

Easy to Inventory

Delivered in compressed bundles making it easier to stock and inventory in volume until ready to use.

Now Available in Both Refrigerated and CRT Options

This product is patent pending.