Why Partner with TempAid for
Private Label Packaging Solutions

Does your company have a powerful brand that needs global access to manufacturers, labor, and supplies? Keep your production costs in check while improving supply with private, white-label solutions from TempAid. Here’s why a partnership with our team might be the right move for you.

Minimize supply chain risk

Changes in international law, increases in tariffs, or political uncertainty can be devastating for your business—combat disruption in your cold supply chain by working with TempAid. The company and its parent entity, Rapid Aid, are the sole owners of all production facilities in North America and Asia. Ownership has two benefits: The ability to ramp up manufacturing production as the need arises, and quality control via a single source manufacturer. You get 100% of your supply directly from the source.

Full production with the ability to control costs

The ability to control production costs is crucial for most companies looking to outsource their manufacturing. The advantage of working with a global manufacturer, like TempAid, is our ability to produce in the country, offering the best rates for shipping, labor, tariffs, and delivery times while meeting top-quality standards. With facilities in North America, Vietnam, and China, we can help you reap the enormous cost savings on import-export tariffs levied by governments.

Grow rapidly with a low barrier of entry into new markets

Boost revenues by extending your brand into additional channels in emerging markets where, in the past, it might be cost-prohibitive to do so. Looking to innovate in a new market? TempAid has a complete line of cold chain products in production, an experienced engineering team, and an ISTA-certified Thermal Testing Lab that can help you enter new markets. Get to market faster and enter new segments or new geographies without effort or in-house manufacturing expense.

Ensure quality & regulatory compliance

Years dedicated to private labeling and hot and cold solutions have made us experts in monitoring quality and process control. Rapid Aid and TempAid have spent decades understanding (and exceeding) the international compliance requirements necessary to provide your brand with the highest and safest quality products, including Class 1 FDA registered medical device manufacturer classification, Health Canada licensed, ISO 13485 certified, and more.

Innovate faster with in-house engineering expertise

TempAid’s parent company, Rapid Aid is one of the only manufacturers solely focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing hot and cold solutions. As a client, this means we can create or improve products for you while offering your brand the opportunity to go to market faster than your competition. Use our expertise and experience to your advantage.

About Our TempAid Private Label Solutions

We specialize in helping build businesses through our expertise in private labeling. We will work closely with your team to define the exact specifications and designs that will work best and meet and exceed any regulatory compliance requirements, production audits, and artwork parameters in the process.

As the most trusted name in cold chain packaging, we work hand in hand with some of the world’s largest medical companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, retailers, and transportation companies to provide high-quality, privately branded products. We believe that the success of your business is the success of ours.

Peace of mind. Brand protection. Satisfied customers.

Are you looking for a pre-branded solution?

Do you want to carry TempAid products, but do not have the volume to run private labeling? Let our brand and reputation boost your revenue.  TempAid™ (cold chain packaging) products are the company’s own, in-house branded solutions for your channels. Our strong reputation for quality and affordability has made us one of the leading providers of hot and cold solutions worldwide.

Contact us for more information about our private label or branded solutions.