About TempAid Qualified and Validated Cold Chain Packaging Solutions


To ensure your temperature-sensitive products are protected against temperature excursions, ship them using a qualified and validated solution.

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Engineered for optimum performance and pack-out simplicity

Our deep understanding of requirements and shipping conditions allows us to evaluate, qualify and validate your complete solution to assure temperature stability and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Lower your total cost of ownership

Reduce both the indirect and direct costs of cold chain packaging solutions to balance cost, quality, and sustainability.

The TempAid ISTA Certified Thermal Testing Laboratory

TempAid is one of a few ISTA 7E Laboratory Certified Labs in North America with full conformance to ISTA 7E Standard 20. 

As a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, this certification serves as validation of our possession of the necessary equipment, design processes, and stringent testing protocols. It also showcases our well-trained team of ISTA certified lab technicians who are instrumental in upholding our high standards.

As a result, our customers enjoy substantial benefits, including significant reductions in time, resources, and costs associated with designing, qualifying, and validating the performance of insulated shipping containers. Our ISTA-certified facility serves as a trusted and independent testing platform, enabling the customization of packaging solutions and the optimization of transportation processes.

By leveraging the widely recognized ISTA standard for testing, we gain access to invaluable ISTA lane data, which provides invaluable real-world simulations of thermal packaging performance. Our ultimate objective is to ensure your packaging successfully passes rigorous pre-shipment laboratory testing and arrives at its intended destination within the specified limits of damage and safety parameters.

Services include:

  • Ambient Temperature Profile Analysis
  • Cold Chain Best Practice GAP Analysis
  • Shipping Lane Mapping
  • Thermal Modeling
  • Package Validation Testing
  • R Value Testing
  • Documentation Support for Validation and SOPs

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