Rugged reusable cold chain packaging system for
frozen, refrigerated & CRT products

A complete, low-cost solution qualified for 48 hours to the ISTA 7D temperature profile and ISTA 3A for drop and vibration

The TempAid Rugged 48-Hour Qualified Shipper is a reusable solution designed and tested to maintain exact temperature requirements for vaccines, specialty pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. As its name implies, the rugged design is manufactured and tested against numerous tough conditions to be returned and reused multiple times while keeping temperature consistency.

Designed around the requirements for transporting Covid-19 vaccines, two temperature options are currently qualified and available at -20°C (-15°C to -25°C) or +5°C (2°C to 8°C) with the ability to qualify for additional requirements.

When used with our EarthWise Biodegradable EPW cooler and drain safe gel packs, customers can reduce the environmental impact at the end of life.

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Qualified to ISTA Standards

The TempAid Rugged solution has been qualified for 48 hours to the ISTA 7D temperature profile and ISTA 3A for drop and vibration. As an ISTA member organization we conform to specific requirements that support regulatory needs in multiple industries.

This qualification process enables the solution to use less refrigerant, reduce container weight, minimize pack-out failures, and give you a faster time-to-market.

Robust and Recyclable

The rugged solution includes our Biodegradable EPS shipper (expanded polystyrene) with an EPP (bio-stable polypropylene foam) outer shell which not only provides lightweight insulation but provides durability. EPP is known for its ability to bounce back from dents and dings making it perfect as a multiuse product. It is also recyclable as a Class 7 curbside material. Both units use a tongue and groove design to seal the lid with the base.

Durable PCM Plates

The refrigerants include PCM plates. The rigid shell allows for repeat use thousands of times without affecting the shape or performance, unlike standard, flexible gel packs that must be replaced after each use. The PCM is packaged in a high-density polyethylene container and is engineered to maintain precise temperatures for extended periods and lower the probability of damage.

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A complete reusable cold chain packaging system for transporting food, frozen, refrigerated and CRT products

Each qualified solution includes the EPS insulated container, EPP outer shell, PCM plates with complete documentation and support from our lab and engineering team. Our in-house team has designed the solution to reduce shipping costs by optimizing the system weight and size.

Thanks to the tested temperature stability and the durability of the EPP outer shell, the solution may be used hundreds of times in a closed-loop distribution system, such as those used for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biologics.


The TempAid Rugged Qualified Solutions include the outer corrugate, EPP outer shell, EPS insulated cooler and PCMs. Testing data and pack-out diagrams are available upon request.

Part NumberDescriptionDimensions
OT-100EPPOuter Corrugated Box20.25’’ x 15.625’’ x 17.5’’
033-0100Inner Corrugated Payload Box11.5” x 6.75” x 6.125”
1377100EPPEPP Outer Insulated Cooler20.25’’ x 15.6’’ x 17.25’ (Shell with lid)
1377100HDBiodegradable EPS Shipper  / Inner Cooler18’’ x 13.31’’ x 15” (Cooler with lid)
PCM-L+5-BLUECH+5°C PCM Plates8” x 6.25” x 1”
PCM-L-21-WHITECH-20°C PCM Plates8” x 6.25” x 1”

*Models/part numbers may vary based on the temperature required and size of payload box. Additional sizes are available and can be prequalified upon request.


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lab Samples.
  • Meal Kits & Prepared Foods
  • Vaccines
  • Poultry and Seafood
  • Candy & Chocolates