Qualified, Single-Use Control Room Temperature Packaging

For CRT shipments

Temperature Ranges

2-25 C     15-25 C

2-30 C    15-30 C

Testing Standard


Duration Range

Up to 48 hours

Solution Includes

Cooler, refrigerants, pack out instructions/diagrams and test results


Lab Samples

TempAid pre-qualified control-room temperature packaging solutions are designed to maintain temperatures for up to 48 hours. Tested in the TempAid ISTA Certified Thermal Testing Lab to a wide range of temperatures and durations, the system has been designed for low cost, single use applications.

Key Features

  • Uses the EarthWise line of biodegradable EPS coolers and low-cost gel packs or water blankets
  • Designed to prevent errors caused by incorrect pack-out configurations
  • Supports stringent testing guidelines surpassing both Canadian and US regulations for temperature consistency and duration
  • Several sizes and customizable options are available

CRT Reusable Product Range

Models may vary based on the temperature and duration required and the size of the payload box. Additional sizes are available and can be prequalified upon request.

Inner Payload Volume:ShipperProfileSeasonTested DurationHours between +2°C and +25°CHours between +2°C and +30°CHours between +15°C and +25°CHours between +15°C and +30°CPayload Box Inner Dimensions
1.270927DWinter48484832326.2" x 3.6" x 3.5"
2.930507DWinter48484836368.4" x 4.4" x 4.9"
3.20927DWinter48484848488" x 6.1" x 4
4.60507DWinter484848484810.9” x 7.4” x 3.5”
5.281507DWinter48484848489.8" x 8.8" x 3.8"
5.31507DWinter48484848489.8" x 8.8" x 3.8"
10.61007DWinter484848484812.6" x 8.9" x 5.8"
21.71357DWinter484848464613.4" x 8.5" x 12"

*The resin used in the EPS coolers biodegrade 92% over four years. They were tested using sample items under conditions simulating both wet and biologically-active landfills using the ASTM D5511 test. The extent of degradation and stated rate do not mean the product will continue to decompose. The data stated above has been provided in good faith and is believed to be reliable it does not constitute a part of our terms and conditions of sale unless incorporated explicitly in our Order Acknowledgment.

Safety data sheets, anaerobic bio-degradation testing details, and other documentation are available upon request.