Ensure Your Product a Safer Journey with Ambient Temperature Profile Analysis

URAC packaging accreditation consultation for specialty and mail-order pharmacies

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Higher touch care does not always mean high costs.

Mail service and specialty pharmacies are in high demand as consumers continue seeking more convenient ways of receiving medical treatment. To meet this need, mail-order distribution channels like those offered by pharmacy benefit management companies seek accreditation through organizations such as URAC in support of their quality improvement efforts to ensure patient health via internal accountability and consumer
protection practices.

When you require organizational quality, customer service, safety, and accuracy in dispensing practices, implement a qualification process for medication distribution for appropriate temperature ranges.

Comply with foundational standards on risk management

Temperature-sensitive products require complex packaging to ensure the product remains protected and viable, from manufacturing to the end-user. Incorporating an appropriate ambient profile into the design process will ensure that you can maintain sufficient heat dissipation without disrupting either goal or creating any additional risk within this process

Ambient temperature profiles are a critical design constraint when developing and qualifying insulated shipping systems, as defined in PDA Technical Report 39. These profiles should adequately capture the expected summer and winter extreme conditions specific to your distribution channels. There is no regulatory accepted standard. You must prove that the ambient temperature profile selected or developed is adequate for your distribution channels.

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How does temperature profile analysis help specialty pharmacies?

TempAid can guide your team through temperature profile selection, analysis, comparison, and development to help

  • Prevent disruption in patients’ therapy
  • Evidence that the temperature profile is sufficient for your distribution channels
  • Reduce packaging errors and decrease the cost of packaging materials and distribution
  • Reduce unnecessary fulfillment costs

The TempAid Solution for Ambient Temperature Profile

One of the most challenging tasks is comparing the various profiles currently used in pre-qualified and qualified packaging. Some profiles may appear challenging at first but be an inadequate simulation of field conditions upon proper scientific evaluation.

We work with custom profiles, standards-based profiles, and proprietary data sets to take the guesswork out of profile selection. These data sets and our expertise eliminate the “smoke and mirrors” that often exists and provide accurate comparative data enabling informed decision-making.

Ambient Temperature Profile Development

Many companies have turned to TempAid to develop custom ambient temperature profiles specific to their product distribution to maximize the convergence of packaging cost and product protection. We are uniquely capable of solving this problem and have a keen understanding of the impact of this decision on the size, weight, and cost of your packaging materials.

Ambient Temperature Profile Selection

Selecting the best existing ambient temperature profile requires specific knowledge of distribution methods and distribution lanes. Intermodal distribution in a growing global economy complicates this decision, particularly in emerging markets.

Our extensive experience in cold chain packaging and logistics can help evaluate these intermodal distribution lanes and corresponding ambient temperature profiles.

Testing Deliverables

Upon completing the analysis, you will receive a detailed report of the testing performed, an analysis of the data, recommendations for adjustments, opportunities for cost savings, or streamlining your pack-out process.

As an ISTA-certified thermal testing lab, we can create the best packaging solution for your needs using the data sets.

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