Packaging Design Services

Safely preserve and protect the efficacy of your products

Rapid Aid lab testing

Engineer your packaging to perform

Packaging is not just about what goes on outside the box. Insulated packaging needs to properly control the latent heat of the shipping and storage environment. By engineering with the optimal “K Value” and thickness of materials, you can meet both performance needs and reduce your total cost of ownership.

An off-the-shelf solution might not be what you need if your product has a sensitivity to;

  • Temperatures (high or low)
  • A time at a temperature threshold
  • Specific distribution systems
  • Regulatory requirements

TempAid labs can provide thermal and distribution testing to assure each packaging solution not only can withstand the rigors of harsh distribution environments but can maintain temperature control from manufacture to the last mile.

Conditions tested include optimizing design for cost, sustained temperatures over minimal and extreme durations, ambient profiles, min and max load, and pack out dimensions.

Our labs can simulate both chamber and real-world environments to test for predicted performance, the cost to protection evaluation, and specific compliance regulations.

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Packaging Qualification

We offer controlled chamber testing to accommodate your required thermal profiles and expected use.

  • Installation Qualification – Material characterization for all materials
  • Operational Qualification (Test Chamber Qualification) – Triplicate testing procedures to prove repeatability of design. Includes an in depth protocol and report.
  • Performance Qualification – Actual shipments to monitor internal and external air temperatures. Provides additional assurance and supporting documentation. Includes protocol and report.

Results are reported via comprehensive industry-guided reports conforming to FDA, Health Canada and other guidelines. Testing protocols conform to cGMP, EU standards, ISTA, PDA Technical Report No. 39 and ASTM standards. Data acquisition equipment is calibrated to NIST traceable standards to ensure data integrity.