a new revolution in long-duration temperature controlled packaging

Designed for precise temperature control, ease of assembly, and for returnable shipping requirements. where reuse and a better total cost of ownership are required.

Color Coded PCMs

Exclusive interlocking, color-coded Phase Change Materials (PCMs) to ease assembly and reduce errors.

Meticulously Tested

Tested to ISTA 7D and 7E standards for up to 144 hours of precise temperature consistency.

3 Temperature Ranges

Available in frozen, refrigerated, and CRT configurations, each with 6 different payload sizes

Moisture Resistant Tub

A rigid, moisture resistant, fitted tub protect the payload and VIPs and creates a more secure fit.

Tamper resistant

An outer container with optional straps and security features to resist tampering.


Up to 144 hours of Continuous Temperature Control*


Tested in our ISTA Standard 20 Certified THERMAL Testing Lab


Custom Sizes, Temperatures & Branding Available

* Specific configurations
** This product is patent pending