Introducing the SteadyPac Long-Duration Cube: A Breakthrough in Returnable Temperature-Controlled Packaging

New solution can provide more than six days of stable temperatures, with several new types of components that reduce pack-out errors and increase security


We are excited to announce the launch of the SteadyPac™ Long-Duration Cube, a revolutionary temperature-controlled packaging solution designed to exceed industry standards in precision and simplicity of assembly. Qualified and validated to hold stable temperatures for more than 144 hours, the new patent-pending solution answers your returnable shipping needs, focusing on long-duration temperature stability, reuse, and an improved total cost of ownership.

Unveiling Innovative Features

The SteadyPac Long-Duration Cube boasts several groundbreaking design features, setting it apart from all other solutions on the market:

  • Exclusive interlocking, color-coded Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that simplify assembly and reduce errors.
  • A robust, moisture-resistant, fitted tub that safeguards the payload and Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs) while ensuring a secure fit.
  • An outer container equipped with enhanced security features to reduce the risk of tampering.
  • Rigorously tested to meet ISTA 7D and 7E standards for over 144 hours* of precise temperature consistency.

*Stated durations are based on the customer’s and product’s temperature requirements.

Innovative Phase Change Material (PCM) Design

The PCMs in the SteadyPac Long-Duration Cube are a paradigm of innovation, offering unmatched temperature stability and simplifying selection and assembly. They feature:

  • Six identical plates can be oriented in any direction, providing exceptional versatility.
  • Rigid, translucent plastic that enables color-coded liquids, preventing improper usage.
  • Translucency for visual inspection, ensuring proper PCM filling and correct state.
  • Specialized treatment to enhance rigidity and leak resistance.
  • Convenient side notches for easy disassembly.

Unique Fitted Tub

At the heart of the SteadyPac Long-Duration Cube is a unique fitted tub designed to ensure a secure fit of the PCM plates, thereby maximizing contact and minimizing assembly errors. This highly durable and washable tub design serves as a bulwark against both moisture and impact damage to the VIPs during assembly and shipping.

ISTA Thermal Testing Standard Qualified

As an ISTA Standard 20 Certified Thermal Laboratory, TempAid, the manufacturer of the SteadyPac Long-Duration Cube, guarantees that the packaging system follows a comprehensive protocol based on DQ, OQ, and PQ processes, adhering to industry standards and accommodating specific user requirements.

“Investing in durable, returnable packaging solutions is a strategic move that pays dividends across the board,” said Ryan Sanders, President of TempAid. “Not only does it contribute to sustainability goals, but it also translates directly into tangible financial benefits for our clients.”

“Temperature consistency and accuracy are of the essence when packing temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Coloring coding the PCMs according to their haw temperature reduces the likelihood of using incorrect refrigerant. Using PCMs that lock in place reduces air pockets from forming, reducing the temperature duration accuracy. The fitted tub further protects the vacuum-insulated panels (VIPs) and product from jarring and moisture during logistics.”

Innovation and sustainability are at the core of our mission. We believe the SteadyPac Cube is a game-changer in safeguarding our clients’ investments and allowing for cost-effective reusable packaging.

Qualified Product Range

The SteadyPac Long-Duration Cube has undergone rigorous testing against ISTA 7D and 7E Summer and winter profiles for shipments at controlled room temperature (CRT), refrigerated, and frozen conditions. It consistently maintains stable temperatures for over 144 hours, depending on the specific solution. Customizable payload volumes and temperature settings are available upon request, along with full testing processes, SOPs, and accompanying documentation.

Elevate your temperature-controlled packaging with the SteadyPac Long-Duration Cube. For more information, product specifications, and inquiries, contact our team.