TempAid™ 11 Litre Blood Specimen Biodegradable EPS Cooler with Lid

TempAid™ 11 Litre Blood Specimen Biodegradable EPS Cooler with Lid

The TempAid 11 litre blood specimen cooler is the ideal solution for in-hospital use, transfusion deliveries, stat transport, hematology specimens pick-up and more. It is designed with temperature stability in mind for extended periods of time.

When combined PCM gel bottles or gel packs, TempAid biodegradable eps coolers can provide a complete cold chain solution ideal for most any application.

Recommended Applications:

  • Blood and tissue samples
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Meal kits and other foods
  • Vaccines, reagents, serums, insulin diagnostic kits
  • Special chemicals
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The TempAid 11 litre blood specimen biodegradable eps cooler is designed for temperature consistency during transit and storage. At only 1.75″ thickness of the lid, walls and base you get a 2.2 pound blood specimen cooler that assures the optimal balance of weight and cost.

These coolers are an effective solution for the management of red blood cells, whole blood, platelets, and donor specimens. TempAid coolers are tested by cold chain specialists in our lab to save costs in weight and refrigerant, while assuring consistent temperatures.

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11.6 × 11.8 in
Model/Part Number



11 litre

Thickness of lid, walls, & base (inches)


Outer Dim

15" x 11.6" x 11.8"

Inner Dim

11" x 7.5" x 8.25"

Count Per Poly Bag


Weight Per Bag (lbs)


Bags Per Pallet



Biodegradable EPS

Additional Information

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