TempAid Labs Achieves ISTA Thermal Laboratory Certification for Package Performance Testing

TempAid is one of only a handful of ISTA 7E certified labs in North America and the only accredited lab in Canada.

Demonstrates proven experience in cold chain packaging, laboratory processes, and a solid commitment to packaging professionalism

TempAid today announced the company’s packaging laboratory achieved the ISTA 7E Laboratory Certification with full conformance to ISTA 7E Standard 20. ISTA Testing Lab Certification assures a laboratory is properly equipped, has the right design and test processes, has properly trained staff, and conducts thermal package performance testing at a level that meets the stringent ISTA 7E, Standard 20.

With this certification, TempAid is now classified as a testing facility and can certify client packaging solutions as ISTA compliant.

Customer Benefits of Using an ISTA Certified Testing Laboratory

For customers, ISTA-certified facilities can substantially reduce the time, resources, and cost required to design, qualify, and validate insulated shipping container (ISC) performance. Accreditation also offers customers an independent and reliable testing platform for customizing their packaging and optimizing transportation processes.

TempAid Labs, using the ISTA standard for testing, ha access to ISTA Lane Data, representing the most comprehensive thermal information about small parcel shipping. This extensive data set provides real-world “what if” simulations of the performance of thermal packaging with actual instances.

The goal is to ensure that the packaging has passed pre-shipment laboratory testing and delivered to its intended route within specified damage limits and safety parameters.

“Uncertainty of packaging performance should never be an issue if the proper testing is conducted,” said Ryan Sanders, President, TempAid, “Having an ISTA 7E, Standard 20 Certified Lab allows us to help customers create thermal packaging solutions that adhere to compliance guidelines and safety protocols while keeping costs in line with expectations.”

Why should companies have an ISTA 7E, Standard 20 certification mark?

The most significant advantage to companies using TempAid for qualification is the use of the ISTA® Transit Tested Certification Mark on their packaging. This mark proves the certified package meets ISTA standards and assures it is adequately protected against temperature, drop, vibration, compression, and/or atmospheric hazards that have proven to exist in the transit environment. The result is greater confidence and trust, along with improved customer satisfaction. The mark also strengthens a company’s position in claims negotiations and disputes with a distribution channel representative.

Learn more about ISTA certification and TempAid Labs, or contact us to book an appointment with our lab team or answer questions about the testing process.