New Insulated Envelope with Integrated PCMs for Refrigerated Shipments

Say goodbye to traditional cold chain packaging methods as we unveil our revolutionary thermal-insulated mailer with integrated refrigerants specifically for refrigerated shipments.

Specialty pharma and mail-order drug organizations can confidently transport individual doses of medications in refrigerated environment at a stable temperature.

Our patent-pending solution disrupts the conventional approach by eliminating the reliance on EPS coolers, bulky corrugated boxes, and separate refrigerants.

Tested for up to 72 hours of temperature stability using the ISTA 7D & 7E standard, in our ISTA Certified Thermal Laboratory.

> 72 Hrs. temperature stability

Quick Properties

> Faster assembly, less room for error

> 7x  smaller & 50% lighter than existing solutions

> ISTA 7D & 7E Qualified