Announcing New, Revolutionary Thermal Insulated Shipping Envelopes with Integrated PCM Refrigerant

First-of-its-kind thermal insulated envelope provides temperature stability for last-mile pharma delivery without needing a cooler & separate gel packs

Refrigerant Built Into The Envelope

The thermal insulated mailers contain a Phase Change Material (PCM) selected for the specific temperature it maintains when transitioning between its solid and liquid states.

Durable Construction

PCM enclosed within an open-cell polyurethane matrix in a  insulated polyethylene pouch to protect the product.

Qualified to the ISTA 7E Standard

This revolutionary product is tested against the ISTA 7E Summer, Winter, & Intermediate profiles

Quick Properties

> No extreme temperature fluctuations

> Faster assembly, less room for error

> 24 to 144 Hrs. temperature stability

> 7x  smaller & 50% lighter than existing solutions

> iSTA 7E Qualified